Forex Brokers

For example, with a standard account, minimum deposits are higher and you will need a startup fund so you can trade standards lots. Some Forex brokers actually allow you to get an account under a currency which is different from the one you are primarily using. Should you consider this option, knowledge about exchange rates will help a lot.

In contrast, one of the advantages of Forex trading compared to orthodox stock trading is that you only pay for the spreads offered by Forex brokers – not the commissions. However, only a handful of Forex brokers can offer you commission-free deals. Though it seldom happens for Forex brokers to charge their clients with commissions, researching about this matter will be worth your time.

Finally, be wary about margin call rules as you compare. Rollover and margins are worth analyzing and though the former’s fees sometimes tend to be lower, these can pile up and the next thing you know you are already down with unnecessary expenses that you could have avoided at the outset.

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