Buying Watches Online? Learn How

Looking to buy watches online? We can help! Once you have located the exact model and brand you want, how do you know if the merchant you are dealing with is reliable and will deliver the good. Most importantly how do you know if the watches especially the higher-end ones are genuine but not replicas.

Approved By Accredited Body

The oldest but the most safest way is to speak to a friend whom you know who have dealt with the merchant but even better than this and the testimonials posted on the replica magic merchant’s site is through the endorsements done by 3rd parties, such as accredited bodies namely, BBB Online.

BBBOnline is a subsidiary of the more well known Better Business Bureaus. As of this writing, BBBOnline has over 27,000 website merchants that are enrolled into their Safe Shopping program to identify trustworthy businesses on the web.

A merchant who is enrolled into this program has basically met the minimum requirement of operating 1 year in business, a satisfactory complaint handling record, provides verified information on the company ownership and management with street address and telephone number at which they conduct their business.

Return Policy

Another way to ensure the watches you purchased is in good working condition is by checking out the merchant’s return policy. Typically a 14-30 day return policy is not uncommon. On your end to make the return a smooth one, you should ensure the product is unused and make sure all materials are returned and this includes, manual, box, and warranty card.

Take special note that shipping charges are not refundable and there is usually a 5% restocking fee if you are exchanging for another watch instead. If the watch is faulty, a good merchant should cover the cost of shipping the replacement items to you.

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